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Nov 19 ‒ Burlingame

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Wed, Nov 19 ‒ Luncheon and Workshops

Seminar: What B2B Tactics ACTUALLY Worked in 2014 & How to Optimize for 2015

Plus 2 Workshops:
PPC Advertising Fundamentals and Advanced PPC Advertising

Speaker:   Ian Michiels, Principal & CEO ‒ Gleanster

Join us for our upcoming luncheon, featuring Ian Michiels, Principal & CEO, Gleanster, who will be presenting research on what B2B tactics ACTUALLY work, and how to optimize for 2015. Plus we’ll have two intensive workshops on PPC Advertising Fundamentals and Advanced PPC Advertising.

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If you join the DMAnc today, you will be able to attend this luncheon session at no charge, plus enjoy a $50 discount on workshops.
Also, for all who attend this DMAnc luncheon, Gleanster Research is offering a free 12 months free Premium Membership. This is a $300 value, which includes access to all reports and unlimited downloads.

Luncheon Seminar:

Ever get the feeling that for every 25 best practices you read about online there’s probably only one or two that actually derive meaningful results? In an age where everyone seems to be a thought leader (vendors, consultants, your peers, your competitors) it’s important to take a moment to ground yourself in reality by exploring how your most successful peers and competitors actually derive revenue growth.

Join Principal Analyst and CEO of Gleanster Research, Ian Michiels, for a look at benchmark 2014 survey data from 2,350 B2B marketers. We’re going to dig into the data and explore lessons learned in 2014 that you can use to instantly impact your 2015 objectives. This is an opportunity to find out what’s ACTUALLY working for B2B marketers, so you can implement tactics that will drive your sales objectives in 2015.

You’ll learn:
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Burlingame ‒ Wed. Nov 19

  Crowne Plaza Hotel
  1177 Airport Blvd, Burlingame, CA 94010
  (650) 342-9200
  The DMAnc reserves the right to change location
  and will notify all registrants if a change occurs.

11:30-12:00 Registration & Networking
12:00-2:00 Luncheon & Speaker
2:15-4:15 PPC Fundamentals
4:30-6:30 Advanced PPC

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  • Myths about B2B marketing that can be debunked by data
  • Advice and tactics grounded in results by industry leading B2B marketers
  • Practical and attainable recommendations you can use today
  • How to save time, cut costs, and derive scalable results from your marketing efforts
Post-Luncheon Workshops

Following the luncheon we will be offering two fabulous workshops in partnership with the Online Marketing Institute. You can take the workshops ala carte, or as part of a certificate in online marketing. They are practical and tactical, with step-by-step instruction and integrated case studies.

2:15 ‒ 4:15 PM,   Pay-Per-Click Advertising Fundamentals:
How to Get Started

  John Thyfault, VP Search Engine & Social Media Marketing, Beasley Direct Marketing

As more and more companies are joining the competitive PPC marketplace, understanding how to use various aspects of the different search engines to differentiate your products is key. Google, Bing and other PPC providers are continually adding new features and options for pay-per-click advertising. This two hour session will give you a solid foundation on the latest changes and opportunities. You’ll learn how to optimize key words, match types, quality scoring, ad writing techniques, and how to track and optimize your spend.

4:30 ‒ 6:30 PM,   Advanced Pay-Per-Click Advertising:
Using Sophisticated Tactics and Tools

  John Thyfault, VP Search Engine & Social Media Marketing, Beasley Direct Marketing

Google and the other search engines are offering much more sophisticated ways to target likely prospects and also re-target them after visiting your landing page. This session will help you develop more advanced keyword modeling, campaign structures, mobile targeting and re-marketing.

For additional information on our workshops and the Online Marketing Certification program, click here.

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