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May 21 ‒ Burlingame

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Wednesday, May 21  ‒  Pre-Luncheon, Luncheon & Workshops
B2B Marketing Day:
Filling the top of the funnel; marketing automation gotchas; and workshops on demand generation and lead conversion

Join us for our upcoming special B2B Marketing Day, featuring sessions on Filling the Funnel and Marketing Automation Gotchas and Fixes, plus two intensive workshops on Demand Generation and Lead Conversion Fundamentals and Advanced Demand Generation and Lead Conversion.

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Pre-Lunch Session:
10:15 AM - 11:45 AM

Filling the Top of the Lead Generation Funnel

Denise Greenberg, Owner & Founder, TargetRight Marketing
Karla Haley, Demand Generation Director

Filling the top of the funnel is similar to fishing. Ideally, you want to “catch” leads that will convert immediately. In most cases, this will be a small percentage. For the majority of the fish the goal is to capture them and place them in your private prospect pool so that you can test different tactics and nurture them over time until they eventually convert. To do this effectively you need an interdependent set of tools and activities: the right bait (content), location to place the bait, how to lure in your audience.
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Luncheon Session:
12:00 PM ‒ 2:00 PM

Marketing Automation Gotchas and Fixes ‒ Lessons from Leading Firms

Panelists:   Karla Haley, Mike Agron, and Michael Leon
Emcees:    Debra da Costa and Tom Judge

Join us for an interactive panel of Marketing Automation expert users with important front-line gotchas and fixes on Marketing Automation. These experts will share real stories about setbacks and lessons learned from their Marketing Automation implementations at firms like Chevron, TripIt, Infineon, Amazon Web Services, Keynote Systems, Cotendo-Akamai, Bosch Health Care, Auto Trader and CITRIX Go-to-Webinar. This is a must attend luncheon event so you can gain the inside track and leapfrog these challenges and gotchas.

Special Offer: A summary listing of the Marketing Automation Gotchas and Fixes will be made available to attendees.
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Post-Luncheon Workshops

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Burlingame ‒ Wed. May 21

  Crowne Plaza Hotel
  1177 Airport Blvd.
  Burlingame, CA 94010

9:45-10:15 Registration & Networking
10:15-11:45 Pre-Luncheon Session
12:00-2:00 Luncheon Session
2:15-4:15 Demand Gen Fund
4:30-6:30 Advanced Demand Gen

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Following the luncheon we will be offering two fabulous workshops in partnership with the Online Marketing Institute. You can take the workshops ala carte, or as part of a certificate in online marketing. They are practical and tactical, with step-by-step instruction and integrated case studies.

Post-Lunch Workshop One:
2:15 PM ‒ 4:15 PM

Demand Generation and Lead Conversion Fundamentals

Presenter:    Laurie Beasley, Co-founder & President, Beasley Direct Marketing

The pressure for B2B marketers is on. Modern B2B buyers have an increasing tendency and capacity to research purchasing decisions online long before they engage with Sales. They are empowered with information, and winning over modern B2B buyers requires organizations to revolutionize their marketing approach. To compound the problem, Sales teams demand higher quality “sales-ready” leads to hit their numbers. This course takes a fresh approach to demand generation, by helping you set goals with the Sales department, manage the touch points for lead qualification and optimize your communication channels for maximum success. Learn more about this session.

Post-Lunch Workshop Two:
4:30 PM ‒ 6:30 PM

Advanced Demand Generation and Lead Conversion

Presenter:    Laurie Beasley, Co-founder & President, Beasley Direct Marketing

In this session, we’ll look at how to make a comprehensive demand generation go-to-market plan; how the buying committee is changing marketing, and how to segment your lists and messages to market to ever more decision makers. We’ll discuss the different marketing channels and how to optimize each one. We’ll discuss what marketing automation can do to help the process, and more importantly, how to make it fit in with your strategic goals. We’ll discuss how to handle the anonymous buyer, and talk about the analytics and reporting needed to track your efficiency. Dozens of case studies will be included in the course to support key points. Learn more about this session.

For additional information on our workshops and the Online Marketing Certification program, click here.

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