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Aug 19 ‒ Burlingame

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Wed, August 19 ‒ Luncheon and Workshops

A Tactical “How to” Seminar on Building Better Buyer Personas

Plus 2 Workshops:
Demand Generation Fundamentals and
Advanced Demand Generation

Mike Gospe, Co-Founder, KickStart Alliance, and author of The Marketing High Ground

Join us for our upcoming luncheon, featuring Mike Gospe, who will be delivering a tactical seminar on how to build better buyer personas from scratch. Plus we’ll have two intensive workshops on Demand Generation Fundamentals and Advanced Demand Generation.

Special offer: If you join the DMAnc today, you will be able to attend this luncheon session at no charge, plus enjoy a $50 discount on workshops.

Luncheon Seminar:

There’s a simple truth in all marketing: whoever understands the customer best, wins. After all, how can we write the best messages and determine meaningful offers if we don’t understand who we are selling to? This starts with building a buyer persona – literally painting a picture of who these people are and what they care about. So, how do you do that, exactly? In this seminar, Mike Gospe walks you step by step through a practical in-the-trenches process for building a solid buyer persona for your B2B or B2C target markets.

If you have a mountain of market research at your fingertips, building a persona is easy. But what do you do if you have limited information or no budget to invest in market research? The good news is that there are short cuts and meaningful steps you can take right now to document your business hypothesis and buyer behavior assumptions. Mike will share stories of how marketers with imperfect and incomplete information crafted better personas that drove sales-marketing alignment and dramatically improved their ROI.

Reasons to attend this seminar:
  • Learn the step-by-step proven technique for building a buyer persona
  • Get the persona template you can customize to your business
  • Understand the 3 parts that make up a complete persona
  • Discover tips and short cuts to help you build and document your persona assumptions
  • Find out how to partner with your colleagues to complete the persona exercise and apply it to your messaging and demand generation activities
Several copies of Mike’s book, The Marketing High Ground, will be raffled and available for sale.

Post-Luncheon Workshops

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Burlingame ‒ Wed. Aug 19

  Holiday Inn SFO
  275 S Airport Blvd
  South San Francisco, CA 94080
  (800) 315-2621
  The DMAnc reserves the right to change location
  and will notify all registrants if a change occurs.

11:30-12:00 Registration & Networking
12:00-2:00 Luncheon & Speaker
2:15-4:15 Demand Gen Fund
4:30-6:30 Advanced Demand Gen

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Mike’s Book Available
by Raffle or Sale

Featured Book

Following the luncheon we will be offering two fabulous workshops in partnership with the Online Marketing Institute. You can take the workshops ala carte, or as part of a certificate in online marketing. They are practical and tactical, with step-by-step instruction and integrated case studies.

2:15 ‒ 4:15 PM,   Demand Generation and Lead Conversion Fundamentals

Instructor:   Laurie Beasley, President, Beasley Direct and Online Marketing

The pressure for B2B marketers is on. Modern B2B buyers have an increasing tendency and capacity to research purchasing decisions online long before they engage with Sales. They are empowered with information, and winning over modern B2B buyers requires organizations to revolutionize their marketing approach. To compound the problem, Sales teams demand higher quality “sales-ready” leads to hit their numbers. This course takes a fresh approach to demand generation, by helping you set goals with the Sales department, manage the touch points for lead qualification and optimize your communication channels for maximum success.

4:30 ‒ 6:30 PM,   Advanced Demand Generation and Lead Conversion

Instructor:   Laurie Beasley, President, Beasley Direct and Online Marketing

In this session, we’ll look at how to make a comprehensive demand generation go-to-market plan. We’ll discuss content marketing strategies, how the buying committee is changing marketing, and how to segment your lists and messages to market to ever more decision makers. We’ll discuss the different marketing channels and how to optimize each one. You’ll learn what marketing automation can do to help the process, and more importantly, how to make it fit in with your strategic goals. We’ll discuss how to handle the anonymous buyer, and talk about the analytics and reporting needed to track your efficiency.

For additional information on our workshops and the Online Marketing Certification program, click here.

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