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April 23 ‒ Burlingame

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  PPC Fundamentals Workshop

  Advanced PPC Workshop

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Upcoming Events      

April 23

Luncheon Meeting (11:30am - 2:00pm)
Big data for marketing isn’t just for big companies any more Case study: Xactly

Join us as Amanda Kahlow and Scott Broomfield speak on how big data is bringing a big lead generation payoff for large and small companies. The promise of Big Data is a methodology to help you focus your marketing spend on the customers who are really interested in your products. Learn how growth stage companies like Xactly are adopting robust big data data-driven strategies similar to Cisco, and the BIG Sales payoff.

Stay after lunch for two intensive workshops on PPC Fundamentals and Advanced PPC.

  Amanda Kahlow
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Apr 23

Certification Workshop (2:15pm - 4:15pm)
Pay-Per-Click Advertising Fundamentals: How to Get Started

As more and more companies are joining the competitive PPC marketplace, understanding how to use various aspects of the different search engines to differentiate your products is key. Google, Bing and other PPC providers are continually adding new features and options for pay-per-click advertising. This two hour session will give you a solid foundation on the latest changes and opportunities.

   John Thyfault ‒ VP Search Engine & Social Media Marketing, Beasley Direct Marketing

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Apr 23

Certification Workshop (4:30pm - 6:30pm)
Advanced Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Using Sophisticated Tactics and Tools

Google and the other search engines are offering much more sophisticated ways to target likely prospects and also re-target them after visiting your landing page. This session will help you develop more advanced campaign structures, mobile targeting and re-marketing.

   John Thyfault ‒ VP Search Engine & Social Media Marketing, Beasley Direct Marketing

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May 21

Special Extended Luncheon Meeting (9:45am - 2:00pm)
B2B Marketing Day:
Filling the top of the funnel; marketing automation gotchas; and workshops on demand generation and lead conversion

Join us for our upcoming special B2B Marketing Day, featuring sessions on Filling the Funnel and Marketing Automation Gotchasand Fixes, plus two intensive workshops on Demand Generation and Lead Conversion Fundamentals and Advanced Demand Generation and Lead Conversion.

 Denise Greenberg, Owner & Founder, TargetRight Marketing
 Debra da Costa, President, Direct Marketing Partners
 Tom Judge, Vice President, Direct Marketing Partners
 Laurie Beasley, Co-founder & President, Beasley Direct Marketing

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June 18

Luncheon Meeting (11:30am - 2:00pm)
SEO Beyond Keywords, Meta-Tags, and Links

Join us for our upcoming luncheon, featuring world-renowned author Andreas Ramos, speaking on the latest trends in SEO. All of the major search engines now use people to evaluate web pages. The results are fed into machine-learning neural networks. Some pages are moved up and other pages are moved down. What does this mean for business sites? How can those sites reach their audience?

Stay after lunch for two intensive workshops on Web Analytics and Web Usability.

Speaker:   Andreas Ramos, manager for Global SEO at Cisco

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Aug 20

Special Extended Luncheon Meeting (9:45am - 2:00pm)
Special Event: SiriusDecisions Seminars
Demand Generation Modeling and a
Framework Approach to Lead Modeling

Join us for our upcoming special event featuring two SiriusDecisions seminars taught by Jay Famico, Practice Director, Technology, SiriusDecisions. Our Pre-Lunch seminar on Demand Generation Modeling will be followed by a Luncheon Seminar on Lead Nurturing: A Framework Approach.
Stay after lunch for two intensive workshops on Social Media Marketing and Content Distribution Marketing.

Speaker:   Jay Famico, Practice Director, Technology, SiriusDecisions

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Past Events      

Mar 19, 2014

Luncheon:   Social ROI:   How to Transform Myth In to Reality
Moderators:   Carter Hostelley, Gretchen Hoffman, and Kerri Carlson
Panelists:       Dennis Shiao, Molly McCarty, and Alex Flagg
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Feb 13, 2014

Luncheon:   Creative Slamdown:   How world-class creatives successfully
                   sell the most challenging products!

Moderator:   Carol Worthington-Levy ‒ Creative Director at; Worthington-Levy Creative
Creative Directors: Melinda Risolo, Lisa Charlebois, Kathleen Lemmon, Mark Orr
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Jan 15, 2014

Luncheon:   Why It Takes 7 - 13+ Touches to Develop a Qualified Sales Lead
                  Today: A Case study from Anritsu Company

Speakers:   Laurie Beasley ‒ President of Beasley Direct Marketing, Inc
                   Tom Judge ‒ VP of Strategy at Direct Marketing Partners
                   Katherine Van Diepen ‒ Director of Marketing Communications, Anritsu Co.
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Nov 20, 2013

Luncheon: 10 Steps to Building a Lead Generation Machine: NetBase Case Study
Speakers:   Gretchen Hoffman ‒ VP, Global Lead Generation & Field Marketing at NetBase, Social Intelligence Solutions
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Oct 23, 2013

Luncheon Persona Marketing: How to understand and segment your customers and members
Speakers:   Maureen Keefe ‒ Marketing Director, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
                   Kevin Hillstrom ‒ CEO of MineThatData and author of five books on analytics,
                   including Hillstroms Hashtag Analytics
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Sept 18, 2013

Luncheon Content Marketing: The New Form of Marketing without Big Budgets
Speakers:   Andreas Ramos ‒ author of The Big Book of Content Marketing and Search Engine Marketing
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Aug 21, 2013

Luncheon The Social Buying Cycle: Understanding Your Customer and How to Measure Success
Speakers:   Aaron Kahlow ‒ CEO ‒ Online Marketing Institute
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Jun 19, 2013

Luncheon How to Grow & Scale a Global Demand Generation & Consumer Marketing Organization ‒ Case studies by NetSuite & Yelp
Speakers:   Robert Israch ‒ VP Marketing, Global Marketing Programs ‒ NetSuite
                   Dylan Swift ‒ Head of National Marketing ‒ Yelp
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May 15, 2013

Luncheon Demand Generation Challenges & Solutions:
Case studies by Cisco Systems and Jive Software

Speakers:   Joseph Puthussery ‒ VP Marketing, Global Demand Center ‒ Cisco Systems
                   John Rizzo ‒ Chief Marketing Officer ‒ Jive Software
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Apr 17, 2013

Luncheon Why you need to radically re-design your email campaigns
for mobile devices, and how to do it.

Speakers:   Lindsay Mueller ‒ Digital Cross Platform Marketing Mgr ‒ Rewards Network
                   Brenna Scurlock ‒ Senior Email Developer ‒ Rewards Network
                   Chris Studabaker ‒ Regional Manager ‒ ExactTarget
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Mar 21, 2013

Luncheon Recent trends in search, social and global marketing in healthcare and web services industries.
Speakers:   Kristy LoRusso ‒ VP Direct Marketing ‒ Kaiser Permanente
                   Meagen Eisenberg ‒ VP Demand Generation ‒ DocuSign
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Feb 20, 2013

Luncheon Trends in Social Media with Clara Shih and Fireman’s Fund Insurance
Speakers:   Clara Shih ‒ author, The Facebook Era, CEO of Hearsay Social and
                                        Board of Director at Starbucks Corporation
                   Juliene Conway ‒ CMO, Firemanís Fund Insurance, an Allianz Group Company
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Jan 16, 2013

Luncheon  Digital Marketing Thought Leadership Series
                 Social Media Best Practices, Customer Acquisition and Retention
                 Case studies: LinkedIn, Academy of Sciences, Amazon Web Services
Speakers:   Connie Chan Wang, Social Media Manager, LinkedIn
                   Melissa Felder, CMO, California Academy of Sciences
                   Ariel Kelman, Head of WW Marketing, Amazon Web Services
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Nov 28, 2012

Luncheon  Social Conversations that Deliver Customer Value,
                 Customer Acquisition, & Strategic Partnerships.

Speakers:  Kimarie Matthews, VP, Social Web, Wells Fargo
                  Pritham Krishnann, Director, Customer Acquisition & Business Dev.,
                            Charles Schwab
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Oct 25, 2012

Luncheon Digital Marketing Thought Leadership Series
                 Webinar Demand Generation Best Practices:
                 A Case Study on how Intel-GE Care Innovations does them successfully.
Speakers:  Maggie Colby, Director of Marketing at Intel-GE Care Innovations™
                  Mike Agron, Executive Webinar Producer, Co‒Founder of WebAttract, author of
                  WebinarReady™ - A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting Successful Webinars
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Sept 20, 2012

Luncheon Digital Marketing Thought Leadership Series
                 Word of Mouth Marketing, Brand Advocacy and
                 Building B2B Databases: Case studies from Box and Netsuite
Speakers:  Rob Fuggetta ‒ Author, Founder & CEO of Zuberance
                  Jennifer Borelli ‒ Sr. Manager, Database Marketing, Netsuite
                  Jen Grant ‒ VP Marketing, BOX
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Aug 22, 2012

Luncheon Digital Marketing Thought Leadership Series
                 Managing Multi-Channel Marketing in a Rapidly Changing World:
                 Case Studies from VMware, TravelSmith, and
                  the author of Multi-Channel Forensics
Speakers:  Kathi Kaplan ‒VP Marketing Americas ‒ VMware
                  Kim Hansen ‒ VP Marketing ‒ TravelSmith Outfitters
                  Kevin Hillstrom ‒ Author Multi-Channel Forensics
                                           ‒ former VP DB Marketing ‒ Nordstrom
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Jul 18, 2012

Luncheon Digital Marketing Thought Leadership Series
                 Social Media & Mobile Marketing Case Studies ‒ Adobe,, Edelman
Speakers:  Maria Poveromo ‒ Director Social Media ‒ Adobe Systems
                  Beth Murphy ‒ CMO ‒
                  Michael Brito ‒ SVP Social Business Planning ‒ Edelman
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Jun 20, 2012

Luncheon Digital Marketing Thought Leadership Series
                Case Studies from HP + Xerox + 24 HR Fitness + E-Storm
Speakers:  Paul Vallez ‒ HP ‒ GM Global Search & Global eCommerce
                  Melinda Stoker ‒ Xerox ‒ Sr Director Global Integrated Marketing
                  Franck Ardourel ‒ 24 Hour Fitness ‒ Sr Online Marketing Director
                  William Gaultier ‒ CEO ‒ E-Storm
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May 23, 2012

Luncheon XBOX + KINECT Digital Marketing + Future of Advertising Research
Speakers: Mike Parsons ‒ Managing Director ‒ twofifteenmccann
                  Jordan Berg ‒ Co-Founder ‒ Questus
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Apr 18, 2012
                Innovative Change - Challenges and Solutions
Speakers: Erica May ‒ Strategic Partner Development ‒ Facebook
                  Todd Wilms ‒ Sr Director ‒ Community and Social Media Marketing ‒ SAP
                  Shawnn Smark ‒ Global eBusiness & CRM ‒ BIO-RAD Laboratories
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Mar 21, 2012
Luncheon: Three Case Studies on Using Marketing Intelligence to
                Improve Results
Featuring: Groupon, Autodesk, and DraftFCB
Speakers: Eric Rasmussen ‒ Groupon ‒ Vice President ‒ Market Research
                  Jack Androvich ‒ Autodesk ‒ Sr Director, Global Sales & Marketing Operations
                  Jason Luis ‒ Draftfcb ‒ Director, Customer Intelligence
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Feb 15, 2012

Speakers: Shani Higgins ‒ CEO ‒ Technorati Media
                 Adam Lashinsky ‒ Sr. Editor at Large ‒ Fortune Magazine
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Jan 11, 2012

Luncheon: PROFITABLE VIRAL VIDEO: 3 Symantec Case Studies
Workshop: SOCIAL MEDIA METRICS: Back By Popular Demand
Speakers: Michael Parker ‒ Vice President Strategic Marketing ‒ Symantec
                 Jim Sterne ‒ Author ‒ Social Media Metrics
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Nov 8, 2011

Luncheon: Integrated Multi-Channel CRM Marketing
Speakers: Akin Arikan ‒ Author and Product Strategist ‒ IBM
                 Sue Coakley ‒ Sr Director Customer Contact Strategy ‒ Yahoo!
                 Brett Billick ‒ CRM Director ‒ Virgin America
                 Anita Baker ‒ Global Lead, Database Marketing ‒ Cisco
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Oct 18, 2011

Speakers: Rick Mathieson ‒ Author, Vice President & Creative Director ‒ Creative i
                 Peter Cole ‒ Technology Director ‒ R/GA San Francisco
                 Rick Wootten ‒ Director of eBusiness and eMarketing ‒ SonicWALL
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